Have Americano and Pen...Will Travel: Ten minutes out in the Toast Office

I can hear you from here! 

"Where have you been woman?" I hear you shout. "Have you gone off coffee?" "Have you stopped writing?"

"It's been weeks since the last coffee blog- excuses please?"

Well it 's all very simple.

First of all, the web site went peculiar- all fixed now.

Second of all, I got that stupid flu bug thing and was fit for nothing.

Third of all (bad English!), I have been very busy re-launching two books and launching a brand new one with my lovely new publishers, Littwitz Press. Between sneezing, writing, proofreading, and wading through snow, there as been little time for heading around the countryside to drink coffee.

However! Having said that, this weekend just gone I was doing just that. I was lucky enough to have a table at the Bath Comicon to sell the aforementioned new books!

It was great fun- I'd never been hugged by Storm Troopers before...

Great though it was, it would be rather pushing my luck to wax lyrical about the coffee there. Let's just say it was wet and warm and welcome on such a cold day.

However, on the way to Bath I stayed with my parents in Wiltshire. We visited the brilliantly named, Toast Office in the village of Whitley.

Part tea room and part local post office, this is a brilliant way to keep a local post office going and a community alive. It hummed with life, and the scent of home cooking and coffee was enough to make me stay far longer than I intended. It was great to see folk coming in, buying a paper from the post office, then settling down in the café to read it, with a cuppa to hand.

It is a glorious space, and I look forward to returning soon to get some writing done. This time however, I was simply working on writing list after list of all the things I need to do. My to-do lists are frequently long- but at the moment they are at epidemic proportions- so perhaps I'd better go and get on with things so I can cross some of those jobs off it!

Happy coffee sipping,